Photo of Marie Daly

Marie Daly brings a broad range of commercial and regulatory expertise across a variety of business sectors. She is recognised as being a practical, straightforward, and commercially focussed lawyer; with a proven capacity to influence at all levels within business and to contribute to policy and legislative development.

With a background as a litigator, employment lawyer, and lobbyist, Marie served as the general counsel of Ibec, the largest Irish lobby and business representative group, for over 16 years before joining the firm. She was responsible for ensuring competition compliance for 38 trade associations and also developed a data protection compliance regime in recent years.

Marie has significant corporate governance experience in the private and public sector having also served as a Board member of two Irish regulators.

Marie is a member of the Irish Company Law Review Group appointed by the Minister of Business Enterprise and Innovation, and was deeply involved in the drafting of the comprehensive new Companies Act 2014.

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