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Learning to Live with Clawbacks: The New, Long String on Executive Compensation

Existing rules in Europe require, and proposed rules in the U.S. would require, companies and financial institutions to have in place effective clawback policies.  Under such policies, employers have the ability to recover compensation paid to employees when certain events occur or information comes to light that could have an adverse effect on the employer. … Continue Reading

Will Cybersecurity Best Practices Morph into Cyber Mandates?

The federal government has been encouraging employers to adopt best practices to address both external and internal threats to critical business information and infrastructure. These best practices have included an important human resources element, including policies and programs covering current and former employees. For example, the Obama Administration opened its initiative to combat trade secret … Continue Reading

5 Privacy and Data Security Measures That Can Protect Your Company Against Trade Secret Theft by Employees

As we have previously discussed, companies face a growing threat that trade secrets and other critical business information will be taken by employees and other insiders.  Protecting business critical information is not simple.  Companies need a holistic approach that implicates multiple areas of the law, including data security, privacy, intellectual property, white collar crime, employment, … Continue Reading

Why Is a Benefits Lawyer Talking about Trade Secret Theft?

At a recent forum in New York, a team of Covington & Burling LLP lawyers addressed the growing concern among companies that their most valuable assets might just walk out the front door on a thumb drive in an employee’s pocket or otherwise be taken by company insiders.  Although much of the discussion in this … Continue Reading

White House Launches Initiative to Combat Trade Secret Theft

Earlier this afternoon, the White House announced a major initiative to combat the increasing threat to U.S. companies from the theft of trade secrets.  The initiative addresses both external threats as well as internal threats from employees and other insiders, including the threat that a company’s most valuable intellectual property might simply walk out the … Continue Reading